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Cyber Security for Farmers

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Cyber Security for Farmers

Title: Cyber Security for Farmers

With the chaos of harvest season, and the daily chores still knocking at the door, the last thing you want to worry about is your operation’s online security! With cybercrime climbing year after year, there are some simple measures you can complete to help make your business more secure. Follow these steps from Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri and get started today:


  1. Only use the internet on a secure connection.

A secure connection means that your web information is secured by at least one encryption or other security measure to protect the data transfer through your online activity. The internet you gain on your phone from cell towers would be classified as unsecure, but by adding passwords, and additional security safeguards your home or business wifi could qualify.


  1. Change your passwords every month.

Keep cybercriminals guessing by changing passwords to wifi or other high priority online accounts each month. Make sure each password includes the following; 13 or more characters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, a number, and a symbol. Phrases are great to use instead of birthdays or pet names. For example the phrase, “I love New York City” could be transformed into iLo^eNeWy0rkC!ty.


  1. If you don’t recognize it, don’t click on it.  

Phishing schemes have become one of the most common forms of cybercrime in recent years. With tactics ranging from clickbait, fake lotteries, and spam mail, there are many things predators are scattering around the web to lure in potential victims. While you’re searching through emails, or browsing the latest news, remember to only click on links or messages you recognize. If the sender is unknown, or the ad seems too good to be true, chances are that’s a trap to try and gain your personal information.

Stick to these simple steps to keep your operation’s online information safe and secure!



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