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Online Safety Tips for Kids

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Online Safety Tips for Kids

Posted On: September 18, 2019 by Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri in: Cyber Security

Technology is everywhere and used on a daily basis, so how do we protect our children when online? Now more than ever is the most important time to sit down with your children and really explain the importance of being safe while online. That’s why Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri wanted to offer some main points to touch on with your children when discussing online safety.  Family Rules: I won’t tell my address, name, phone number or other special information to anyone online or post it online. I will tell mom or dad right away if something does not seem right when I’m on the computer or my phone. I’ll never meet anyone I speak to online, unless my parents say it’s okay and come with me. I’ll talk to my parents about posting certain things online if I’m unsure, such as pictures. I won’t give anyone my passwords, even my best friends. I won’t download any games until checking with mom or dad. I will not say