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Savings 101: College Edition

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Savings 101: College Edition

Posted On: October 21, 2021 by Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri in: Budgeting, Savings

If it’s your first semester of college and you’re realizing that managing money is harder than expected, you’re not alone. It’s never too late to make changes to your financial habits. Here are some helpful money‐saving tips for college students: 1. Use Your Meal Plan If you have a meal plan, make it worth your money! Many college students still go out to eat often, even with a meal plan which ends up costing you way more than necessary. If you get sick of the dining center you always go to, mix it up by going to a different dining center on campus if your college has multiple. ​2. Walk If Possible The great part about living on or near campus, especially if you go to a smaller school, is that you can walk almost everywhere you need to go. Sometimes parking passes are necessary, but many times you can carpool with friends or walk where you need to go. Plus, you’re getting a little more exercise. ​3. Rent Textbooks or Buy Them Used One