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Cybersecurity Tips for College Students

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Cybersecurity Tips for College Students

There’s quite a learning curve in just about every way possible for college students out on their own for the first time. While a characteristic of college students is being tech-savvy, it doesn’t always mean that they know how to stay safe from cyber threats that advance and evolve every day. When they enter college, they become a part of the #2 targeted industry for cybersecurity threats. College students should take these tips with them throughout their college career.

Know that you have value. 

While we mean this in a feel-good way, what we’re really talking about here is the incorrect notion that college students think they have no monetary value worth stealing. This could not be further from the truth. Your social security number alone is incredibly valuable on the black market. When you realize that you have something valuable worth stealing, you may be more likely to use caution when online. 

Old school personal theft is a cybercrime risk.

Of course you don’t want to get your laptop stolen because of its expensive cost. Unfortunately, many thieves don’t just want the item, but want your data and personal information off of the laptop or phone. Never leave your items unattended or expect that you are ever completely in a “theft free” zone. 

Everything needs a passcode.

It may be somewhat of a hassle, but be sure all of your electronic devices have a passcode in addition to a physical lock. 

Reconsider public workstations.

Your university may offer some public workstations for your use. They are convenient but don’t always have the best cyber protection installed. If you must use a public computer, be sure you don’t save your passwords on it and log out of everything before leaving the station. Never treat it as your own computer, so be sure to remove all files of yours before leaving the device.

To Torrent or Not to Torrent? Don’t!

For those who don’t know, torrent websites are a way for users to share files and distribute data over the internet. We can say with some confidence that it’s better to stay completely away from these. 1 in 3 users are exposed to malware by utilizing torrent websites. It's tempting to get free textbooks and movies off of these sites, but it’s not worth the risk.

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