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2023 Home Renovation and Remodeling Trends

Home Blog 2023 Home Renovation and Remodeling Trends

2023 Home Renovation and Remodeling Trends

Home renovations and remodels can be a great way to increase your home’s value if you are looking to sell, or simply make your house your dream home. Tailoring your home with these renovations and remodeling trends can help align modern trends and your style preferences. Keep reading to learn the top renovation and remodel trends for 2023 to inspire ideas that may appeal to you.  

Renovation vs. Remodel?  

Many do not know the true difference between the words renovation and remodel, most typically use the two interchangeably. When speaking with a contractor or mortgage lender it is important to understand the difference between the two terms.  

Deciding Which Trend is Worth the Spend 

Each year the trends for renovations and remodeling change. So it is really up to you and what you want for the space. If you are looking to sell in the next year, it may be worth looking into current trends, as well as what will best fit your home and the layout to amplify space, functionality, and cohesively make the space look more modern.  

Trends tend to stay in the most used areas of the home. Those are the areas we tend to want to dress up since we use them most. If you are looking to stay in your home for the next few years, don’t be completely phased by the current trend. Instead take bits and pieces to make for the best renovation or remodel that you can enjoy while you are there, but to also add to the value of your home.  

1. Spa Bathroom 

The spa bathroom has been a trending project many have upgraded to. This is a space we use daily, so whether you’re using it to unwind after a long day or to start your day off in a calming environment – the spa bathroom is a great trend to follow! 

The best part about this trend is it could be a renovation or a remodel depending on what you want and the space you are working with. A larger bathroom allows for a larger shower and or bath, as well as more built-in shelves or cabinets for storage. 

2. Large Windows 

At some point, we all must replace windows, especially if we have a fixer-upper or an older home. Everyone can appreciate natural light in their home. A large bank of windows is a huge trend for 2023. Some window trends can range from large windows on multiple walls, floor-to-ceiling window walls, and glass framed doors to an outdoor space. Natural light has the power to make your space feel larger and with large windows, it can add a simple elegance. This is a trend that could also save you money with UV-blocking window technologies and lower lighting needs.  

3. Built-In Storage 

If you are looking to renovate or remodel, it is well worth it to consider adding more built-in storage. Even for those who are more on the minimalistic side, storage is always useful and will never go out of style. This trend helps maintain organization while making your home feel and look pulled together. If you are wondering where to add storage, it can really be added anywhere. Think about adding cubbies to your mudroom, and places in your bathroom to wrangle cords, products, accessories, and such.  

The thing with built-in storage it can be completely hidden or more of an open look which is a huge trend. This is a great way to give your walls use and have storage.  

4. Accent Wallpaper  

This trend is great for a renovation project and can completely transform your space on a budget. Like many things, wallpaper has made its comeback. Many interior design trendsetters have brought back bold wallpaper to catch the eye, add texture, and completely take the space in a new and modern direction.  

Wallpaper can work in any room and doesn’t have to be on every wall. Wallpaper is a great option if you need an easy and less time-consuming option than painting. This is a great option to add personality to any space, from the kids’ room to the bathroom. Wallpaper is a hit and can easily be removed if you ever get tired of it.  

5. Multifunctional Space  

For the most part, we can all agree the last few years have shown us having areas of multi-functional space for work, school, personal, etc. can be more important than wasted space. Multifunctional rooms have only become more and more popular and are a huge trend as we enter 2023.  

Not only does a multi-functional space have to work for your day-time endeavors, but it allows for relaxation and unwinding too. Furniture can play a huge role in making your space multifunctional, such as couches in offices or extra seating in the kitchen making your space always ready for hosting, family, or extra space for you to use in all areas of your home.  

Here are some ideas to implement into your multi-functional space:  

  • Islands: Islands can double as extra seating, a dining table, a workspace, or really anything you need! 

  • Bedroom/Office: A bedroom can be wasted space if not always used. Pair this with an office or a pull-out couch to make this room stylish and functional.  

  • Functional Mudroom: We all need a “drop zone” to transition from outdoors to be indoors. This is a great option to help reduce clutter yet be functional for your lifestyle.  

  • Laundry Room: Laundry is a task we all complete, make this space organized and useful for you and your family’s lifestyle. You may even pair this with your mudroom. 

Use these trends as some motivation as you look into options to maximize your space as you go through a remodel or renovation. Keep in mind all projects should always work for your unique lifestyle, budget, and style. Yes, there are trends that are more valuable when it comes time to sell your home, but make sure you are making yourself a happy homeowner. Making the space what you want because most likely a buyer will look past a non-functional option anyway! 

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